These are my faith views and opinions on modesty. My views may not be like every other modest bloggers and I would not apologize for it. Everyone's idea on modesty is different as far as what they can or cannot wear depending on their denomination, personal decisions, and discussions with God.   I am not paid for any of my posts or opinions but some of my sets featured on Saturday Sales and on my sidebar I may receive 7% compensation if  and only if sales are made. I also affiliate with Shop Style Collective and receive compensation when I make a certain amount! Whenever you click or purchase I will receive compensation or commission.

  My posts are honest and come from my heart and my communication with God on how I should dress.I do have a heart for God. The images that I use come from Pinterest or Polyvore. If there is anyone that owns these images by copyright please inform Pinterest or Polyvore of the use of your images. If anyone desire their image to be taken down please inform those companies first and then let them handle it first by informing others of the misuse of the image without your permission.

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