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I recently seen a cute,inspiring,  and thought provoking on Pinterest.  A father wrote a letter to his young daughter. Him and his wife were researching on Google and found something kind of disturbing topics.  It was posts and articles about how women most likely even girls how they should keep a man interested in them. It lists ways in which a woman should do certain sexual things or be sexy to catch a man.
That is when he decided to write a letter to his daughter that she should not have to attempt to keep a man interested or ever attempt to change for him. That she should know that she is interesting and so is everyone else in this world. It also reminds her that she is attractive in her own way and that she would attract a boy that loves her for who she is.
I wish someone had to told me that same thing in order to save myself a lot of frustration and tears trying to be someone I was not. I was one of those young girls that read those magazines on to get a boy interested by saying certain things. Even laughing at his corny jokes even if it was not even funny. But I got tired of those games because knew I was not the type of girl to act that way. I was too smart for dumbing myself down or being interested in things that I could care less about. But I have often found it frustrating when girls and even grown women do the same thing. They keeply lose their identity to keep a man. Some even are unrecognizable and their spark and joy is even gone.
I believe that they need someone to tell them that they are valuable and that deserved to be loved for who they are. You are valuable and worth being loved for who you are.  God even knew and valued you before you were even born.

If God can love for who you are then why cannot another human being do the same thing?!

After my grandmother died me and my mother went through her things. I found all of the cards that me and other  grandchildren made or brought for her over the years. We found the cards that family members and her friends gave. We also discovered the many thank you cards she received over course of her life.  We even saw all the funeral programs she had in drawers. My mom also found her jewelry placed neatly in her jewelry boxes. Going through her jewelry and other things brought to my mind  the scripture in Proverb 31 about a Virtuous woman. Her objects that she left behind could not even account for how much value she was to her family and many others.
My grandmother was often blessed by her own children and grandchildren because she was a blessing to us. She feed us, clothed us, invited us into her home, and gave us kind words. She blessed my grandfather by being faithful and loving dispute how he might have behaved.
She was also very prepared and organized. She always had enough food not only for her family but the youth in the community. Whenever someone died in the community she made food for the bereaved family.  She reminds of the Virtuous woman who was ready and willing to help any one who needed it. First and foremost she loved the Lord with her whole heart. Her value and her legacy is more valuable than other treasure on earth.
I decided to continue this page talking about Proverbs 31. I feel that society puts a lot of attention on physical beauty instead of character. This is especially true for woman. We are blasted with images of how we should be a certain size, completion, hair type, or our features should be smaller (nose, eyes, lips, or ears). This images come from celebs and even sometimes regular people posting selfies. This selfies often included "I woke up this way" pictures. But in reality it takes a lot for time to have perfect skin, teeth, eyes, and etc. In reality if it was not for those behind the scene people they wouldn't look that good in the morning.
Celebs have access to doctors and specialists to help with their flaws. They even had the money to go to spas and receive treatments to help them look young and flawless. Celebs and wealthy also get skin care and services for free if they endorse the product. Those who cannot afford these treatments often find themselves frustrated because they cannot measure up.
 I know I have find myself upset a lot because I realize I could never be physically perfect. I looked at the pictures of girls on facebook and twitter. I often see how much positive feedback and likes they get based solely on their physical beauty. They may not even be a nice person but based on their looks people automatically love or like what they see.  I would often feel low about it because I know I was a good person and that I had a lot to offer based on my character. But I knew I could not get attention because I was not what society felt was pretty. I then see images of celebs and how they are praised for their looks more so than their personality, intelligence, or even talent. I use to want to look like them. But as I got older I knew  I would never be as skinny as Rihanna or tall as Tyra Banks but I can be a better person.
 Everyday Christian woman can afford the time to build their inner character. We can be our better selves by taking time to spend with God and make sure we line up with his expectations. Read the Bible, mediate, and prayer that you can be like the Proverbs 31 woman. Being beautiful on the inside is something that we can do for free. Take time to treat yourselves better and than you would be able to find it easier to treat your family, friends, and jobs right.
Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong in making yourself look better but that shouldn't be an obsession.  Beautification should not cause you to hate yourself  or set unrealistic goals. But if your character or heart is beautiful than you will find it easier to express this on the outside. Remember to love yourself and realize that God loves you for who you are. 

"For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well."

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