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My Top Beauty: Ever Curl Conditioner

Now I have heard that if you have natural hair that you should condition your hair often. I condition mine at least three times a week. You may say that is too much but let me explain. I use at least four products. I start  off with Cantu conditioning shampoo. It leaves my hair very soft  and is two in one process. It cleans and conditions. I occasionally use Ever curl conditioner after I wash my hair. It is one of my favorites because it is sulfate free which causes my hair not to be dry. I follow up with a deep conditioner. I sometimes use  ORS or Olive Oil Replenishing Pack.  I leave that on for 45 minutes to an hour.  But when I am pressed for time I use a Mayo pack from ORS. It only takes fifteen minutes under a dryer with a cap. I condition my hair often because I have sandy brown hair that often needs a lot of moisture. This is I use Cream of Nature with Argan Oil leave in conditioner daily.  It seems like a lot of work but it is worth it.  All of these products are under $10 dollars and can be found at Walmart, some drug stores, and dollar stores. 

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If you do not live under a rock you probably heard about Zendaya Coleman and the Fashion Police comment about her  natural hair extensions. I was thinking about doing this post for a while but with the issue and debate of  natural hair on the table this week I felt it was the best time to do it! Since I got my natural hair around 3 years ago I heard more stereotypes, insults,  and generalizations about natural hair. I remember one instance where a preacher at a service I was attended was preaching about women and their natural hair. He said that they needed to have their hair permed (correct term is relaxed) because it was ugly to wear natural hair!  Here I was sitting there with my tiny afro and this man was was being rude about natural hair! It took the love of God to sit there and take it! But those are just the few insults, stares, and side wayed comments about my hair. I decided to address some of these misconception that people seem to have about natural hair and those who wear it. 

The first misconception has to do with the fact people believe that if you have natural hair you must be an hippy or bohemian which is not true. I am not an hippy but a southern black female that loves classic outfits and "preppy" outfits. 

Not all people who wear natural hair are doing it as a trend or fad. 

I chose to be natural because I was losing my hair do to having it chemically relaxed for over a decade. 

Now that I have went natural my hair is less damaged and I have experienced growth like I never could when  I had my hair relaxed. 

Not everyone who has natural hair smokes weed. A lot of Christian females and males have natural hair and do not engage in drugs. 

Natural people do put different oils on their hair but it is no different than the oils that is in relaxed, colored, or treated hair care products. 

Natural hair is not exotic or unusual! Believe me people have been wearing the hair that growths at of the head for years!

I wash my hair more often now than when I had relaxed hair. So natural hair can be just as clean and neat as relaxed hair. 

Natural hair can be worn in professional settings just like relaxed hair. You can get a job with you have natural hair. 

Not all natural hair wearers are trying to make a statement about their political, cultural, religion beliefs. Some may chose to wear it because they got tired of using chemicals or spending a fortune at an salon. The latter  reasons are why I went natural and I love every natural curl on my head. 

I am a affiliate for Carol's Daughter and I will earn a commission  if you purchase  an item that I linked in this post! Even though I am affiliate I do love this brand and product! 

I have been using Carol's Daughter for over a year. I was first introduced to Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Spray. I loved how that one worked but for winter I needed something more. I needed something to deal with my dry scalp and hair. So I brought this Mimosa Hair Honey and another Carol's Daughter (Review posted next month) because it says it can  keep "hair shiny, and easy to manage." And that is something my hair really needed. It also was a great price around $12. 

I love how the product does not feel too greasy or heavy on my hair. It also smells a lot better than most grease or hair dresser products that I used throughout my life. 

I did what the directions said and applied a small amount,which actually worked. I used it on my scalp and hair. I have been using it for a while so it actually works on my hair. So I am thinking I stick with this product. 

Have you tried this product? Let me know what you think of it! 

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